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Respond to the Aetna Dental Plan Audit

Hello Everyone,

If you have not responded to the Aetna Dental Plan Audit, please do so as soon as possible. It is my understanding that if a response is not sent in, it could suspend your insurance coverage until the records are updated. As a benefit to everyone, please help spread the word and encourage everyone to update their records as soon as possible.

The following news release is posted on the TCU website (TCUnion.org) but I am copying and pasting it below for your information.

Thanks for your assistance and support as always,



It's Imperative to Respond to Aetna Audit: Don't Lose Benefits by Default

October 31, 2007—Aetna sent out in September a questionnaire to verify with every covered freight railroad member whether their dependents are eligible for continued coverage. The deadline is fast approaching. If you have not returned this, DO SO IMMEDIATELY. If you didn't return it and you can't find it, call Aetna’s toll-free help line at 866-682-5619 and get another one. It is imperative that each employee with dependents responds to this verification mailing: Failure to respond or failure to produce acceptable documentation for dependents will result in termination of dependent coverage—and audit results are going to be applied to the Railroad Employees National Medical Plan and the National Vision Plan, too. If you haven't responded because you fear some sort of difficulty, know that TCU successfully insisted that the audit commence with a guarantee of amnesty for any employee who has claimed ineligible dependents. We know not every ineligible dependent on the insurance company rolls is there because of fraud. Many people forget to notify the insurance companies of divorce, court custody decisions, children graduating from college, etc., so there are many reasons why ineligible dependents may still be listed. Whatever the reason that ineligible dependents might be currently listed, members can respond to the audit by removing anyone listed as their dependent with no questions asked, provided they do so within 60 days of receipt of the verification package. Neither the Plan nor the railroad will take any action against an employee or the removed dependent. That means members will not be subject to discipline from the railroad, nor will the insurance company attempt to recover claims previously paid for an ineligible dependent.

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