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Meeting to discuss petition
The latest news on the "Union Home-Front" is that Mike Stokes called Alvin and I to a meeting this past Wednesday in order to discuss the letters and petition that had been sent to the Grand Lodge from Jacksonville.

Scardelletti sent David Steele down here to find out what was going on - since it was their perception that all was well in Jacksonville and that we were all "on-the-same-page" and working together. David spoke at length about how the petition contained numerous errors and misconceptions. He seemed at lost for words as to how we could believe such things. (Anyway, I will get back to the facts and not my personal opinions.)

At those times when the conversation drifted off to other subjects, Alvin would bring it back to the issue that meetings were being held and agreements signed without any input from the Local. David stated several times that he (speaking for the Grand Lodge) was not aware that Alvin was not being kept in the communication loop and that problem would be corrected immediately. Mike's only explanation for not notifying Alvin of the September 19, 2007 agreement was that was just an oversight since he was so busy with a lot of things right now.

So to wrap it up - the 2 facts that came out of the meeting was that (1) the communication problem with the Local will be corrected immediately, and (2) there will be a meeting on December 4, 2007 for Alvin to go over everything we have with respect to the individual claims that were filed prior to the blanket claim.

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